Saturday, December 1, 2012

Self-Help Salvation

self-help books

You can buy happiness
For the low price of $19.95 you’ll get the self-help set
…and if you call now we’ll throw in the faith-healing cassette.
You won’t regret it, got a problem? You’ll soon forget it,
learn all of the secrets of living,
learn the art and science of forgiving,
win friends and influence people,
so effective, it’s barely legal
get anyone to do anything,
because how you do anything is how you do everything,
and everything is going to be OK!
co-dependence no more,
it’s a time to soar,
success galore,
because Redbull gives you wings!
the wings to be free,
to flee the monotony,
but honestly, what is the fee to all this happiness and glee?
what is the cost of a Redbull salvation,
when does independence become isolation,
self-help solutions for a collective ill,
use your ‘freewill’, jump on a treadmill,
pay the bill, try to run but you’re standing still,
take a pill, supercharge your will,
but ‘will’ falls short when we export our support,
to the shelves of a book store.
Learn 4 simple steps to build rapport,
fix it yourself, what are you, weak?
You just need to follow the sleek technique,
don’t become obsolete
take an omega 3, heart healthy treat
But the heart does so much more than just beat,
we don’t just work to eat,
we don’t just eat to excrete,
to become the excrement of wall-street,
one day when your fuel depletes, and you’re forced to retreat,
you’ll find you’re still incomplete,
when your self-help salvation leaves you empty,
but your bank statement says you have plenty,
let’s just hope our capacity to love
has not been washed away by the flood-waters of success

1 comment:

  1. I like it! I always thought that if self-help is a thing, just do it. If you need a book, then it's not self-help, it's book-help.