Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is for Everyone

Here’s O’Reilly on recent Atheist Bus Ads:


Rather than Atheists having a problem with Christmas, as suggested by O’Reilly, they have a problem with being the #1 hated minority in America.  These Ad’s clearly suggest Atheists are merely trying to gain acceptance into a culture that is  full of misconceptions about them. Weather this was the best way to go about it is another question.  Backlash reports such as O’Reilly’s will only further deepen the negative image of Atheists.  If they are at all ‘anti Jesus’, their tactics would probably look a lot more like the aggressive anti-America displays of the Westborough Baptist Church. These atheist Ad’s couldn't be more passive in their approach with  inoffensive language and images suggesting holiday festivities. They are not telling Christians they are wrong for celebrating Christmas, but rather, they are trying to alter the cultural close-mindedness surrounding Atheists and their values. 


Here’s what atheists have to celebrate:


Although life should be a daily calibration of mere existence, Celebrating Christmas,  Hanukkah, the winter solstice, or any other religious or secular tradition, all represent this shared meaning of joy. Christmas (being the must dominant in America) is not necessarily a religious calibration, but rather, its origins suggest it is a secular festival built on Christian adaptations to a pagan tradition.  Call it what you want, its meaning amongst individuals who recognize the holiday is the only real measure of its worth. As Shakespeare said; “Does a rose by any other name not smell just as sweet?”  Understanding our shared humanity is the true meaning of Christmas.

Peace, Joy, and Love

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