Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is Spirit?



          Spirituality is the life of the spirit. The spirit is not a thing, but a function. It is the act of thinking, willing, imagining, ect... Spirituality is living and experiencing as opposed to supernatural transcendence. It is not the metaphysical or transcendence of entities, but the absolute. The absolute refers to the everything in existence; supernatural creator entities can not be included since their existence suggests something beyond everything which leads to the question of who created the creator. The idea of the absolute in this way is seen in Epicurus's pan, Lucetius's summa summarum, and Spinoza's nature. The sum of all relations, conditions, and points of view is the absolute.

“ These are the fundamental concepts with which Spinoza sets forth a vision of Being, illuminated by his awareness of God. They may seem strange at first sight. To the question "What is?" he replies: "Substance, its attributes, and modes. ” — Karl Jaspers

        God is not in nature like water to a sponge, but rather IS nature; therefore, instead of using the word 'God', the word 'nature' is more suitable. Spirituality is immanence rather than transcendence. It can't be given, attained, or bought. It is not magic or god given, but rather, an inner experience. It is what the Jewish call would call 'the breath of life', what Christians would call being 'filled with spirit', and what Buddhists call 'being awake'. The purpose of a spiritual life is to lead followers down the path of intimacy and connectedness with the richness of ordinary life through a sense of connectedness with the extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary. It is our sense of at-one-ness with all that is.

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