Monday, January 11, 2010

Why ‘Atheist Spirituality’?

           I use the name ‘Atheist Spirituality’ since it fills the role of describing my beliefs accurately while providing well recognizable terms. Though, it is still insufficient since it uses the word 'atheist' which focuses on what one does not believe in. Rather than asserting ones lack of beliefs, a title that asserts ones beliefs would be more useful. Personally, 'Naturalistic pantheist' is the closest I can come to such a definition. If I were to use this title, many people would simply not understand what this blog is about at first glance since ‘naturalistic pantheism’ as a concept that is not widely known.
          Spiritual atheism does suffice, but the drawback is that labeling ones self according to ones lack of beliefs may be more useful if one takes a protest position. Rather than taking on the identity of a protester (paying more attention to the object of protest), I prefer to the focus on what I stand for: an open-minded approach to spirituality. Many people have other positive assertions of belief such as ethical freedom (Christopher Hitchens), science (Richard Dawkins), free will (Jean-Paul Sartre). Playing the protester and playing the advocate is a fine balance one must consider. 

           My approach to open-minded spirituality consists of contemplation in light of viewpoints within modern and post-modern philosophy. Philosophy is questions that may never be answered while religion is answers that may never be questioned. Such questions can only be pursued if one has a highly critical mind-filter while considering the validity of every position presented. When faced with religion, a fool merely accepts it, politicians abuse it, and the wise question it.

Follow your bliss with an open mind.

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